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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Besides Spanish, I've always wished I could speak fluent Italian.  Why? I certainly don't plan on going to Italy any time soon.  But way back in 1962, when I was only 16 and living with my folks in Nurnberg, Germany, we took a vacation to Italy. Later, to remember the trip, I bought a record album by Connie Francis and fell in love not only with Miss Francis but the Italian language and music.  The name of the record was Connie Francis Sings Modern Italian Hits. My father was comptroller on the U.S. Army base in Nurnberg and we were in Germany for a two year tour.

Back then, the value of the dollar was much higher, about one dollar equaled four German marks.  So dad  decided to take advantage of this buying power and bought a new Grundig stereo console.  Such things don't really exist anymore you know.  The Grundig, manufactured in Nurnberg, was one of the finest examples of phonographic equipment you could buy, and it was also a beautiful piece of furniture as well.

One day after that vacation trip, I was in the PX looking at record albums. I was first attracted to the album cover.  It was a photo of Connie Francis in a blue sweater posing in front of  what looked like Lake Como, in Italy.  You've heard of Lake Como, right?  George Clooney has a villa on its shores there.  Somewhere in my files of snapshots of our vacation to Italy I have several shots taken of the scenery around that lake.  Think Lake Tahoe.  They are kind of  similar.

I could write a short story about that vacation, but in fact, I already have.   I'll reveal that sometime in the future.  For now, I just wanted to lay down some background and entice you to listen to the music from Connie's album.  As a young man, I would listen to the songs on this record and dream of  meeting someone nice in Rome, sort of like what Troy Donahue did in Rome Adventure.  (I recommend you rent that movie).  YouTube has the record posted and so I can now share it with you-even with all the scratches and pops! It's only side two but I've never seen an entire side of a n LP posted in a YouTube video before, so consider yourself lucky.  I think you'll understand why it is special.  The songs are listed in the narrative below the video.  HERE

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