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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Well, I decided to follow and photograph Shook's Run creek at the Middle Shook's Run Park close to where I live.  Every Fall the creek's water reflects the golden leaves of the shoreline trees and this makes for some interesting photos.

On this project, however, I decided not to omit the other sights found along the way.  For instance, this is a popular area for temporary camping of the homeless.  Normally, you won't ever see anyone there during the day, but you will see where they've been and sometimes even their belongings.  Sometimes they leave it there and never come back.



Why did I photograph this stuff?  I guess I wanted to document the reality of how sometimes beauty converges with stark, ugly reality.  To temper the effect of humans on this landscape created by the area's homeless, I also photographed some awesome artwork they left behind.

Some of my best friends were once homeless and I know they never wanted or expected to find themselves in that situation.  As they say, "S..t happens".  One could argue that some bad decisions were made along the path of their lives, but now-a-days, I think the economy can take some of the blame as well.

Regardless, I felt it was photo-worthy.  (The artwork of the person in a wheelchair, the Italian restaurant with spaghetti, and the purple mountains were created by volunteers from various community-wide groups.  The others have unknown origins)

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