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Friday, March 27, 2009

OLD AND WISE - Alan Parsons Project/Candy Dulfer

This song, on my Playlist, has been around for a long time. But like lots of songs, unless you have the album or listen to the radio all day, it's another great song that doesn't get heard very often. The song is sung by Colin Blunstone of the Alan Parsons Project. A wonderful band that has many, many great songs in a style similar to the Moody Blues or Pink Floyd. (Remember Eye In The Sky?)What a lot of people don't know about this selection (Old and Wise) is that it was written about me............ok, just kidding! Seems like it anyway. The music builds up to a crescendo until at the very end, there is a sax solo that will blow you away. And just when you're getting into the saxophone, and it's just screaming now, the song ends, leaving you with wanting more. These guys knew what they were doing! I've often wondered who the saxophonist was, because whoever they were, on this song at least, it was the best I'd ever heard. So I did some research. Turns out, the performance on the alto sax was done by Candy Dulfer (please see comments below). For those familiar with her music, this is no surprise, (Lily Was Here, Pick Up The Pieces) but to me, I was caught totally off guard that there was even a female musician out there on the sax that was this good. Sorry, don't mean to be sexist (or should I say saxist), but how many do YOU know? I tried to upload one of her videos here, but for some reason, Blogger doesn't like the format. Now, before you click on her video link , listen to Old and Wise on my PLAYLIST and her solo at the end. Here's the link to her BIO, and to her VIDEO. Gentlemen, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how attractive she is, and she sings too!


  1. Hi Michael, It seems you´re no longer posting on this blog, but I´d like to explain that solo sax in the song "Old and Wise" is not originally performed by Candy Dulfer.
    Candy just performed this solo sax in 1995, at the World Liberty Concert in Holland with Alan Parsons.

    The original soundtrack is performed by Mel Collins.

    Anyway, both performers are fantastic, but I prefer Mel Collins.

  2. Hercules, thanks for your comment and for correcting me. It's true, Mel Collins performed the sax solo for Old And Wise for their recording and I was wrong. Did you know that Ian Bairnson, who usually plays guitar, also does a mean sax solo for the same song? As to who is the best of the three sax players, I'll have to listen to more music from Bairnson and Collins before I can compare with Dulfer. I know I like her music already, but maybe it's because she's pretty. Oh, by the way, I don't understand why you think I'm not posting to this blog anymore. I have continued to post. The only time I didn't for a while is when my computer crashed. I explained that on one of my posts.


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